21 thoughts on “Angular 7 CRUD with Web API

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  2. I had a problem with Post
    1- Access to XMLHttpRequest
    2- POST http://localhost:58521/api/Employee net::ERR_FAILED
    3- ERROR HttpErrorResponse {headers: HttpHeaders, status: 0, statusText: "Unknown Error", url: "http://localhost:58521/api/Employee", ok: false, …}

    how to fix it ?

  3. Hi Sir,

    getting this kind of error in chrome console after successfully inserted a new record in the DB:
    Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://localhost:44346/api/Employee' from origin 'http://localhost:4200' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

    can you please help with this, it would be appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kundan K.

  4. soy dominicano solo hablo el idioma español , me gustaría poder ver todos los videos de este canal de YouTube y entender 😥😥😥

  5. Thanks for the video. I have 2 issues, the create works but it does not clear the textboxes even if it is saved. The list portion does not display any data when the application is run – which is I think on the *ngFor part. I followed all codes and steps and I am using Angular 8.

  6. can anybody tell me how to load css file in this project.(css in styles.css in not loading).please help if anybody know

  7. I am getting following error anyone can help? thanks in advance

    Cannot read property 'FullName' of undefined
    at EmployeeComponent_Template (employee.component.html:4)

    <input name="FullName" #FullName="ngModel" [(ngModel)]="service.formData.FullName"

  8. awesome video…super helpful….thanks. I am new to Angular….using this I have created my first Angular application:)

  9. How can i add multiple AddDbContext in Startup -> ConfigureServices and 2 Controllers which is getting data from difference database in SQLServer?

  10. Hai sir, actually I very understand your way of teaching and coding skills and logic. I follow asp.net web API with angular: CRUD and Order System. But, I requested sir, if you don't mind. please teach me live projects means like,. Registration with the image also uploads and email verification. and login users and based on roles. (Shopping site and any management systems). and also deploy the project. and how to care about it or future updates the project will take steps? if you read this message please replay to me. because I am waiting for your replay. possible or not possible anything you tell me. everybody, only teach in CRUD operation first. but, rare to create full projects. I saw some videos but, I don't understand that. that's why I am asking you. please if possible make that type of video.

  11. Thank you, Hi dear this is really awesome and its very usefull. I have expected in more than videos in webapi or webapi tutorial also.

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