Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server for Sneaker Botting 2020 - Setup, Install, Tips, Tricks, & More.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server for Sneaker Botting 2020 – Setup, Install, Tips, Tricks, & More.

Properly setup an AWS Server for sneaker botting in 2020. This is a full walk through from start to finish of setting up and installing dependencies on Amazon Web Services servers for running sneaker bots in 2020. This is the best setup for Balkobot, Cyber, NSB, The Kick Station Mekpreme, Better Nike Bot, The Shit Bot, and so much more!

Chrome 79.0 Standalone Installer –

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25 thoughts on “Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server for Sneaker Botting 2020 – Setup, Install, Tips, Tricks, & More.

  1. Like your video! One question tho, do I have to allocate an IP address when I am using the server for botting only?

  2. Hey i just wanna say love your video. I got a question about allocate Elastic IP address i didn’t do it when i made a server can i still add that? And if so would it affect my instance or do i have to make new one again ?

  3. I just got $5,000 AWS credits account valid for 2 years. I got the account from this channel and really the AWS servers are working at High speed. These guys are amazing. Hit like if you already got AWS accounts from these guys.

  4. Thanks Bro, this helped me lot and I was able to cop on NSB the first time I used a server! Keep up with the good work and thanks again!

  5. Hey bobby – really helpful – any advice on where to actually find codes / where to buy credits? would be massively helpful.

  6. Pretty much detail and informative. Is it suggested to use a server for just doing manually on the drop wihtout botting? to get through the heavy traffic. If I just need to use few days a month, what is the plan you recomend? Thanks a lot.


    hey bro im having a big issue with my server I just followed you on twitter I get this weird error everytime I click my server icon. An authentication error has occured.

    the security account manager (sam) or local security authority (LSA) server was in the wrong state to perform the security operation.

    Remote computer

  8. any video i see like this just talks about running your bot on a server and they have instances for everything. no one explaining how to link the bot with the server and vice versa. servers can also provide proxies some how so you can run emails when farming but no one explaining that either. why cant i just use linux 2 ami on my mac?

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