6 thoughts on “Amazon Lightsail: The Easiest Way to Get Started on AWS

  1. Can AWS be used to log into accounts in a cloud like way.

    Like looking logging into Facebook or Amazon or YouTube.

    I'm new. So not sure if explaining correctly.

  2. I guess they're still gonna get you with the price of RDS when you need a database, and there's no talk about CI/CD to the instance. I'm gonna try it, but I'm making my prediction now that these will be where I get hung up.

  3. Am I the only one who hates these types of videos? They read off a script of what sounds like a resume and the screen is constantly changing with graphics galore.

    Why is this model of video so popular? Do people really have such a low attention span they need constant visual stimulation? Graphics are good but graphics for the sake of graphics with a shitty script = bad video. Sure it looks and sounds good but the actual content is shit

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