Amazon AWS Lightsail: Why Should You Use It if you are new to web hosting?

Amazon AWS Lightsail: Why Should You Use It if you are new to web hosting?

Amazon AWS Lightsail should be your choice if you want to start hosting your new content site on a great VPS that can grow with you and meet all your needs.

What is AWS Lightsail?

Amazon AWS Lightsail is a way to host dynamic websites on your own powerful VPS(Virtual Private server). It provides a much more beginner-friendly interface for you to start setting up your VPS in the exact same way EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) works but in a way that users that aren’t familiar with cloud computing can get behind easily. It also offers a simple path upgrading into full-blown ec2 and all of the Amazon web services.

How does Amazon Lightsail work?

Amazon Lightsail provides you with the most common installations on Linux and windows to get running with things that you would normally want to do in cloud computing. things, like running Linux web server or running Windows server for different applications such as development, can be done instantly in the cloud. Moving forward we’re going to talk a lot about lamp stack switch stands for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. they’re pre-configured images for this and WordPress existing right there in Lightsail as soon as you try to build the first instance. all right onto why you should use Amazon AWS Lightsail.

We will hit the pro’s and con’s of using Amazon AWS Lightsail for your deployment and I would like to convince you that this is the way to get started at a reasonable price.

I will be making resources available from my website in the near future.

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18 thoughts on “Amazon AWS Lightsail: Why Should You Use It if you are new to web hosting?

  1. This is the start of the video series I promised a subscriber.

    go to

    And sign-up for your account you will require a credit card but I will make all the videos to keep you in free teir or low cost.

  2. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the video! Can you use your own RDS database integrated into lightsail or do you have to use there managed database?

  3. im just interested in price and performance. im currently using hostinger for a wordpress site. the prices between lightsail and hostinger look pretty similar. i pay around $10 for 3gb ram and 2 cpu cores. lightsail does 2gb ram and 1cpu core for the same price. why should i care about lightsail then?

  4. Lightsail is super intuitive… I chose the AMZ Linux OS for my instance, but wanted to install/explore Django without paying for the preset app build. Attached storage and ssh key generation was just as easy (but only if you have Linux CLI experience). Great stuff!

  5. I client asked me to migrate his servers from google cloud platform to amazon lightsail because he wants to reduce costs in this momento due to covid-19. I didn't know amazon lightsail, but now, thanks to you, I know at least the basic. I liked it. Thanks.

  6. Great video! What your be you ideal architecture for a WordPress site ready to grow big in lightsail? Instance + db + ses + cdn etc. Thanks!

  7. Thanks man! Great info. Do you have anything on how to setup WordPress on lightsail and also securing the server? Linux of course 🙂

  8. Hello, thank you for the very informative video!

    Do you recommend Lightsail for a website that’s community / use activity based (For example Facebook or Instagram. A website that’s very image upload heavy)?

    I’m still learning about AWS but I’m not sure which to choose yet.

    Thank you for your time!

  9. I am confused whether to use EC2 or Lightsail? I am just building my wordpress site. I understand that I can get started with lightsail. But what if in future, I need to scale. How smooth or painful will it be to migrate to EC2? Should I start with EC2 right from the start to avoid migration hassles? What traffic load can lightsail handle? Can you answer these questions please?

  10. Great format! I really like that! Gorilla of choice… Nice.
    Have a much better idea about my cloud options and AWS now, thx!

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