Adopt a Ubiquiti USG to a Unifi Cloud Controller & automate device deployments

Adopt a Ubiquiti USG to a Unifi Cloud Controller & automate device deployments

Learn how to adopt a Ubiquiti USG to a UniFi Cloud Controller. We’ll also set up our network to automatically deploy other UniFi devices with our network settings.

See the entirely free “Complete Ubiquiti UniFi + Synology Network Build” course available here:

Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway (USG):
Ubiquiti UniFi PoE Switch (US-48-500W):
Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO:


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19 thoughts on “Adopt a Ubiquiti USG to a Unifi Cloud Controller & automate device deployments

  1. This was an awesome video. I have a little Unifi experience but this was a great walk through when I needed to set up a USG for a second site today! Thank you!

  2. 6:52 [question] what if "inform URL" has IP address in that same range of LAN IP address what you just seconds ago created (and I just need to replace regular router for USG) – btw. controller is running on "local server" which will go down (IP if I unplug regular router do to switching to USG!

    – OH YEAH | This is one of the best if not the BEST STEP-BY-STEP SETUP 🙏 I could stumbleupon | you are pure savier 😁for the church😎 my unknown acquaintance 🤝

  3. If you have multi-sites under the controller how does the device know what site to inform? All you gave it was the controllers IP… Also, what about if you not using a USG router, what would be the process to join the AP to the cloud controller? Thank you for the video, it's very informative.

  4. I do it exactly the same way (change subnet/gateway), but when it comes to release/renew IP everything works fine (got IP from new range, internet works) but USG is disconnected in Controller. Any tip? Thanks for your tutorial 🙂

  5. I don’t have an IP address for my controller it just says local host in the url can you use “localhost” in the inform url?

  6. Hi, Great videos, hoping for more.
    Question: what is the purpose of a USG. Specially if Unifi is sitting behind 2 EdgeRouters and already firewall protected?
    My Unifi devices are getting DHCP from the device setup in front as a router. How do I get Unifi to manage the network like you are showing it on your video? A USG would have to be put in place for that I assume as it will act as the router? Thanks

  7. Down to earth, "to-the-point", invaluable insight to effortlessly deploy a cloud based Unifi system.
    A huge thank-you from Italy.

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