A brief history of Cloud - Alex Mackey

A brief history of Cloud – Alex Mackey

Familiarity with one of the major cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS or GCP is almost essential knowledge for any dev now but do you know the origins of cloud computing and where its (probably!) going?

Come with me for this fireside talk full of useless trivia from a time when Amazon meant a river/rain-forest and Azure wasn’t even Project Red Dog yet..

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2 thoughts on “A brief history of Cloud – Alex Mackey

  1. I liked this talk, however I think it glossed over entirely John McCarthy's contribution to cloud computing. McCarthy built the first three timesharing computers, which is what cloud computing is even today. McCarthy coined the phrase "utility computing" in 1961 in a speech that talked about how computing resources would be sold and consumed like water and electricity — again exactly what cloud computing is today. And by the way, McCarthy also invited functional programming (Lisp) and McCarthy coined the term "artificial intelligence" in 1955.

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