87 AIX & IBM i in IBM (Public) Cloud

87 AIX & IBM i in IBM (Public) Cloud

***Note*** For the first couple of minutes, there is audio only and then slides follow.
24th Jul 2019
Speakers: S Ashok (Cognitive Systems Management) & Jose Paez (Offering Manager)

Many companies are adopting or considering cloud, and IBM has some great technologies for creating an on-premise cloud and for managing the cloud (both on-premise and public). Available now is the ability to run AIX and IBM i workloads on Power Systems in IBM Cloud (IBM’s public cloud).
In this session, S. Ashok and Jose Paez will give a short intro covering the what, why, how and pricing structure. This will be followed by a technical demo walk-through of some typical use cases. They will show you how to get started, create a VM (LPAR), change resources being consumed and more. They will also highlight considerations for licensing, backup, HA, managing/monitoring/maintenance and support.
For some background prior to this session, listen to this replay –

Relevant for AIX/IBM i environment

The slides –

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IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud –

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One thought on “87 AIX & IBM i in IBM (Public) Cloud

  1. Hi, I still don't understand why do you need the VRA (IBM Router) and the Direct Link for Public access to these virtual servers. You only mentions the VRA, but documentation mentions DL is required.
    So… do I need to pay for egress bandwidth on Public Network because of VRA traffic caping?

    "Connectivity is implemented by using an IBM Cloud Virtual Router Appliance (VRA) and a Direct Link Connect connection."

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