5 Cloud Host Review + WordPress Speed [INSANE]

5 Cloud Host Review + WordPress Speed [INSANE]

5 Cloud Host Review: – Many of you are wanting to know more about 5 Cloud Host so in this review, I’m going to go over the pricing plans with 5 Cloud Host, take you inside my account, cPanel and my website hosted on 5 Cloud Host to show you how fast it is.

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What is 5 Cloud Host?
With 5 Cloud Host, you get 5 years of blazing-fast web hosting at a fraction of what you pay to your current hosting for 1 year only. Deploy your website on their blazing-fast, easy-to-use, secure & ultra-reliable cloud platform with enterprise servers, power by cPanel.

In this 5CloudHost review, I’ll go over the 5 Cloud Host pricing, show you a 5 Cloud Host demo and tutorial of inside the cpanel and my account as well as talk about 5 Cloud Host costs.

10 thoughts on “5 Cloud Host Review + WordPress Speed [INSANE]

  1. I am with bluehost and I paid an extra $100 dollar a year for 1 site security benefits! I am looking for something like this for all the benefits needed! 🙂 lol lol I came here just to practice comment, liking and subscribing to my peers and you got me buying from you again! Love it! 🙂

  2. i will have a magazine website running with lots of uploads downloads and pictures and monthly updates with options to view past issues. Intro video and is this recommened for me? if so which plan? i am starting from scratch

  3. I am with UpCloud who use MaxIOPS block storage (faster than ssd) and have a 100% uptime Guarantee AND supercheap – be an interesting comparison

  4. My worry is that there will be problems in the future… what guarantee do I have that they have good uptime and will stay active throught the years. I am currently using a2hosting and paying 200$ per year so financially it would make sense for me to move over but then again I don't want to make a mistake. I would need to transfer my wordpress websites, do they offer that kind of a service?

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