5 BEST WORDPRESS HOSTS for BLOGGERS (Honest Review) 🤭 #WordPress #Hosting

5 BEST WORDPRESS HOSTS for BLOGGERS (Honest Review) #WordPress #Hosting

In this video, I discuss the best WordPress hosts of 2020. Which are the best ones for beginners, intermediate websites and high-traffic websites.

📸✌️Tech stack/gadgets/products I use –

👉Best WP hosting for beginners –
👉Cheap WP hosting –
👉Best WP hosting for growing blogs –
👉Best WP hosting for high traffic websites –
👉A lesser-known, but interesting WordPress host –

5 Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 (Content Index)
– What to look for when buying a WordPress host?
– Why you should avoid cheap WordPress hosts?
– Which are the best WordPress hosts for beginners?
– Which are the cheap WordPress hosts for beginners?
– Which are the best WordPress hosts for fast-growing websites?
– Which are the best WordPress hosts for high traffic websites?
– Which is the fastest WordPress host?

0:00 – Intro
1:50 – Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners
2:20 – SiteGround Hosting Review
3:40 – Hostinger Review
5:35 – Best WordPress Hosts for Fast-Growing Websites
6:30 – CloudWays Review
8:35 – Best WordPress Hosts for High Traffic Websites
9:30 – Kinsta and WP Engine
10:00 – Kinsta Hosting Review
11:36 – WP Engine Review
13:15 – WordPress Hosting Discount Vouchers and Coupons
13:24 – Lesser-Known WordPress Hosting Services
13:34 – Closte Hosting Review
15:05 – 10Web Hosting Review
16:00 – BlueHost and DreamHost
17:10 – WordPress Hosts to Avoid

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12 thoughts on “5 BEST WORDPRESS HOSTS for BLOGGERS (Honest Review) #WordPress #Hosting

  1. Hi, what do you think about Bluehost WP Pro? I am debating between Cloudways and Bluehost managed WordPress, which is better? Please advise me if possible.
    Thanks for such a clear and detailed video.

  2. Great video Mani, I am using Bluehost because WP recommended it. Later I found that my website loads very slow than my expectations (8 to 10 secs). I am using WP Rocket to boost the speed (under 4 secs). Being budget-conscious, I am planning to buy Hostinger.

  3. What do you think about hostinger wordpress hosting compared to hostinger shared hosting services? I am planning to start my new blog with wordpress, which is better?

  4. Do you think Closte is better than a DIY on GCP? Their claims somehow don’t add up about the price to usage ratio. I mean how can they charge less than raw GCP instances?

  5. Good stuff mate.. Came across your channel through your Jiofiber post that showed up on my recommendations while watching GeekyRanjit's video on the same topic. 👍
    I explored your cahnnel and the content is really helpful. Thank you, and good job.

    Oh and the response to your question to viewers on your pinned comment – I live in Kochi.

  6. I want to add list view with image in my blog instead of blog posts and also in my pages. I have been trying it for more than 2 years but I am unable to find a way how can I do it. As I know that you're a professional blogger want to have suggestion from you. Hope you help me, thank you have a nice day

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