26 thoughts on “10 Warning Signs to Look Out For When Booking an Airbnb

  1. If it's a scam, you get your money back. + The hosts get a strike or delisted. The only downside is you lost valuable time on your trip, but it's as simple as that

  2. So when the hosts cancel the last minute, what does ArirBnb do for these people that booked directly through ABNB?

    And the couple that had to look for wi-fi after getting cancelled on. Couldn't they call Airbnb and ask their customer service to look for them explaining what was going on?

  3. Anyone that doesn’t use Airbnb is missing out big time. Just be sensible and you’ll be fine. I’ve stayed in over 50 Airbnb’s and I would never get another hotel unless I had to. Stay with “superhosts” and I personally only book entire houses or apts.

  4. I would rather just not. This is too much work and too many concerns for something that should be rather simple.

  5. This is sad. I’m an Airbnb super host in Upstate NY. I don’t let people pay other ways except through Airbnb. People can ask me questions. My main concern is if the guest(s)is/are nice to my dogs. My post is literally must love dogs. I’ve had a lot of great guests. Also some really creepy/rude/racist guests. That gets tiring. I’ve had multiple people ask for my address before they book and I say Airbnb will give address if you book. I can tell you how long it takes to get where you want to be from my house.

  6. You'll want to look for the number of good reviews and that they are a super host. I host on Airbnb and have never canceled on anyone. Most of us provide better services than motels.

  7. Also Airbnb takes your money right away even if host hasn’t confirmed your Stay and i’ve if they have available dates

    You have to wait three days to get your get your money back

  8. I'm about the 65th comment. Not one before me had any experience at an airbnb. Very disappointing.

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