#0. Free Java Hosting | Free Course

#0. Free Java Hosting | Free Course

Free Java Web Hosting

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20 thoughts on “#0. Free Java Hosting | Free Course

  1. Thank you for this series. I view 9 videos of aws. These were awesome. I want to view how to associate domain with aws instance . If you give me a tutorial , it will helpful for me.

  2. Hey,
    Please tell what if I have two different applications on same difference port in same instance.
    i.e. One for Frontend and one for backend.
    In such case will It charge for 750 / 2 hrs??
    or is it ok??

  3. Thank you Sir, your videos was really helpful to understand this EC2 configuration and all. I would love to know more about hosting with domain and configuring it with AWS. Could you please create the new videos?

  4. Sir you are an inspiration for me, you given lots of strength and skills to develop your knowledge , thank you sir

  5. Hosting means what? Are you going to teach in this video that how we can puch our project to server? If Yes then please go ahead and also teach that if we have some ideas in our mind then how we can draw wireframe or prototype for that Idea and also teach OOAD and restful web services…thank you

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